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This haiku of the week is inspired by a chirpy little cricket I spotted jumping from a blade of long grass. Such a sweet little fellow 🙂

Haiku of the week: the cricket draws / in leather forewings, leaps / propels sleek limbs -

What a strange mix of emotions you get when moving house…

Haiku of the week: walls stripped of pictures / wrapped in unread broadsheet - / torn from staples

Funny how something run of the mill can happen – like getting your foot caught in the door – and it turns into something else entirely when you put pen to paper. Do you ever find that when you write?

Let me know in the comments below!

Sometimes the distant past takes centre stage in your present, just for a fleeting moment. It felt important for me to capture that moment to help me let it go.

his dinner is kept warm - / spinach shrinks from potatoes / as he arrives home

Hearing my little boy’s heart beat is something that will stay in my own heart forever 💜

Haiku of the week: your heart chuffs / like a distant steam train, rolling / on a never ending rail

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