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Join fellow writers, meditators and self-development seekers online for a chance to grow your craft, enhance your creativity and develop your sense of self.

How can combining meditation and creative writing help me grow?

Have you ever found yourself sitting down to write and being met by an inner critic determined to stop you? It’s debilitating isn’t it. You find yourself completely detached from your creativity, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get anything down on the page. You try, and immediately begin crossing out, writing and re-writing, screwing up paper and starting again. You hate everything you’ve written. Nothing sounds right. Nothing looks right. You can’t find the words. You feel you’ve failed. It takes a long time for you to recover between writing sessions. You try again. Your inner critic shows up, hurling abuse: ‘Why are you even bothering?’, ‘You’re no good at writing.’, ‘You have nothing interesting to say.’ Rinse and repeat. Sound familiar? Each time this occurs, the less you write and the fewer times you return to the page until you stop writing altogether. This is where meditation can help.

Writer and meditator Kimberley Snow says it best:

‘To progress on a path, its often a question of getting out of our own way in order to function with compassionate awareness, and to release ourselves from the grip of destructive emotions, especially fear. Both meditation and writing are seeking what’s real, what’s authentic. Through meditation we come to see reality as it is; through writing we learn to find ways to live comfortably with things as they are.’

By facing what needs to be faced through meditation, you can free your mind from the prison you’ve created for it, one step at a time. Creativity becomes something joyous, not something elusive or something to be feared. With regular access to uncensored ‘first thoughts’ you can begin capturing the energy and power of seeing things exactly as they are. You can say exactly what you want to say, exactly when you want to say it. Sitting down to write, or engaging in any form of creativity, becomes rooted in compassion, awareness and clarity rather than like partaking in a battle you can’t win.

Read on for more information and to find out how you can be part of Mindscape. 

The group is aimed at writers, meditators and self-development seekers with an interest in:-  

  • Writing poetry  
  • Writing new, creative material  
  • Exploring different poetic forms 
  • Journalling/reflective writing for self-development
  • Inner exploration 
  • Combining writing & meditation practice 
  • Breaking down internal barriers that stop us from writing  
  • Connecting with and writing from ‘first thoughts’ free from self-censorship 
  • Being part of a non-judgmental, supportive writing group 
  • Committing to and cultivating a regular writing practice

The finer details...

Do I need to have any writing or meditation experience to join? Beginners and more experienced writers/meditators alike are most welcome

What age do I have to be to join? 18+

How many people can be in the group? The group is capped at a maximum of 10-12 participants to ensure individual attention is received and everyone has a chance to share work within each session, should they wish to.  

Do I have to share my writing? If you choose to share your work as part of the workshop this will be as a gift to the group and not open for constructive feedback, but rather, thanks and quiet reflection after sharing. Please do not feel you have to share your creative work. If you would prefer instead to share a few thoughts on how you felt about the exercise that would also be most welcome. Or, if you would rather keep what you write and how you feel between yourself and the page that is absolutely your right to do so. 

What happens in a typical session? Guided meditation and freewriting prior to themed writing exercises designed to help you dig deep, face what needs to be faced and write new material that inspires and surprises you. Meditations range from body scan, calm abiding to object meditation, etc. Themes will change monthly and range from subjects such as: letting go, awakening or presence.

How often do we meet? Once a month.

Where do we meet?: Online, via Discord.

How long are sessions for?: 2 hours per session.

Day/time: Thursdays, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm GMT. NB: Multiple groups can be run at the same time – if you would like to join a waiting list for a group on a different day please do get in touch.

How much are sessions?: £12.50 per two hour session. You can book one off sessions or a series of sessions. Receive a 10% discount if three or more sessions are booked at the same time!

Fees payable via BACs, PayPal or Wise (transaction fees apply to paypal/wise transfers) prior to the session. 

Full T’s and C’s available upon enquiry/booking. 

Upcoming Monthly Sessions...

Thursday 4th August – 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Theme: Gratitude

Thursday 8th September: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Theme: Wonder

Thursday 6th October: 6.30 – 8.30 pm GMT
Theme: Flow
Thursday 10th November: 6.30 – 8.30 pm GMT
Theme: Compassion
Thursday 8th December: 6.30 – 8.30 pm GMT
Theme: Balance

If you have any queries, or would like to book your place/s, please email Lottie by clicking HERE.

To find out more about me, click HERE!


Writing Yourself Awake: Meditation & Creativity by Kimberley Snow

‘First thoughts’: term coined by Natalie Goldberg in her book Writing Down the Bones

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