The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge

This week’s #The Weekly Challenge, set by social enterprise, 64 Million Artists got me thinking about what’s under my skin this week: the promise of Spring…

You can find the challenge and my poem below!


‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’
Create a photo, or write a line or two to tell us who or what gets under your skin?
When something ‘gets under your skin’, it could mean an unexpected positive affect someone or something has on you, or it could be growing to like or dislike something.
The Weekly Challenge: Picture of snowdrops pushing out of the snow with a poem about snowdrops, also known as Eve's tear.

Eve's tear

I love folklore and my poetry is often inspired by legends and stories passed on by communities. The poem above is inspired by the folklore surrounding the humble snowdrop and in particular the story about Eve after she was banished from the garden of Eden. 

Thanks to folklore blogger Icy Sedgwick for this great inspiration: 

“According to one legend, the snowdrop dates back to the Garden of Eden. After God banished Adam and Eve, Eve grew tired of the endless winters. An angel came to her and created snowdrops from the snowflakes. She proved to Eve that winter doesn’t last forever. They came to symbolise hope as the first flowers to appear after the snows of winter.”

Another weekly challenge in the bag – whoop! I’d love it if you could join me and share your own responses in the comments below. 

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Check out my last post, if you haven’t already, for my latest news and a previous weekly challenge that uses a word cloud to inspire writing. This led to a wintry haiku and a poem that draws on the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

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You might also like to read my poem: Bowl Barrow, inspired by a wonderful Sussex archeology walk. On this walk I came across a bowl barrow and consequently found out that barrows mark the burial site of someone of importance. It really struck a chord that whilst this person had once been important, now they’ve been lost to time. We have no idea who is buried there. This led to a deeply personal poem that I hope you’ll find you can relate to! 

Until next time dear readers…. 

L x

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