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Lottie Angell - Blog

Take a moment for yourself to enjoy exploring writer Lottie Angell’s blog where you’ll find her latest poetry, short stories and nature photography. Dive into articles about matters close to her heart such as: green living, feminism and how to develop as a writer.

To hear Lottie read her latest poetry, visit live to find out which poetry open mic nights she’ll be attending in East/West Sussex throughout the year.

Creative Writing Workshops & Monthly Writing Group

Would you like to start writing or expand your skillset? Have a browse through Mantimoon’s Creative Writing Workshops held in East and West Sussex. Each Creative Writing Workshop is led by Lottie in a supportive and engaging environment with content designed to help you grow as a writer and reconnect with yourself. 

If you’re interested in being part of a writing group, check out Mindscape: a monthly online meet of creative writers, meditators and self-development seekers looking for an opportunity to grow craft, enhance creativity and develop sense of self.

Mantimoon Bespoke Poetry

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves poetry? Look no further. Visit Mantimoon’s bespoke poetry writing service. Lottie will write unique, personalised poems for any person and almost any occasion including weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. 

Mantimoon Freelance Writing

Are you getting bogged down in admin tasks? Do you want to market your business but struggle to find the time? Do you not know where to start with SEO to improve your google rankings? Mantimoon is here to help.

Click HERE for services that will help you organise, streamline and grow your business TODAY! 

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