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Lottie Angell - About

Lottie is a Sussex-based poet with a passion for weaving together words and mindfulness to spark creativity and personal growth. Holding a first-class master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Brighton, she has journeyed through the realms of poetry, meditation and holistic wellness, carving out a path that marries the spiritual with the creative.

With a background in Thai Yoga Massage and a deep dive into Buddhist philosophy, Lottie offers a unique blend of creative exploration and holistic well-being. Her poetry has graced the pages of esteemed publications like Streetcake, Crowstep Poetry Journal and anthologies such as “From the Ashes: An International Anthology of Womxn’s Poetry” collated and edited by Animal Heart Press.

She’s also had the honour of seeing her work displayed on Brighton & Hove Buses in 2024, touching the hearts of commuters on their daily journey.

For a full list of her publications and to read more about Lottie, click HERE

Mindscape: Creative Writing & Wellbeing Subscriptions

Visit Lottie’s Patreon page to sign up for one of her Creative Writing & Wellbeing subscriptions, tailored for writers, meditators and self-development seekers.

You’ll gain access to exclusive content, guided meditations, writing prompts, original poetry, live group sessions and more. Together, let’s silence the inner critic, awaken the muse within, and embrace the magic of creativity.

Mantimoon Bespoke Poetry

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves poetry? Look no further. Visit Mantimoon’s bespoke poetry writing service. Lottie will write unique, personalised poems for any person and almost any occasion including weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. 

Lottie Angell - Blog

Take a moment for yourself to enjoy exploring writer Lottie Angell’s blog where you’ll find original poetry inspired by the natural world, the darkness and beauty of the every day and in search of women’s liberation.

You’ll also find articles about topics close to her heart such as: creativity, writing as therapy, Lottie’s feminism and practical ways to help you find inspiration and develop as a writer. 

Make yourself that long overdue cup of tea and connect with the gentle rise and fall of your breath. Settle in your comfiest spot as you explore Mantimoon.

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