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Looking for an inspiring photo of the week? Look no further! Visit Mantimoon and have a look at Lottie Angell’s latest nature photography, sometimes combined with poetry to aid quiet reflection. 

Perhaps each photo of the week can be used as a writing prompt? Alternatively, maybe you simply wish to reconnect with the natural world. Whatever your reason, enjoy a range of photos inspired by Lottie’s walks around Sussex/beyond and time spent in her garden. 

A Celebration of The Humble Hedgerow: Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. 

What an abundance of colours, textures and life there is to be found in our hedgerows. The fact that (for the most part) we tend to leave hedgerows alone, free from order and eager clippers, allows nature to flourish on its own terms. That, if you ask me, is always worthy of celebration.

Photo of the week: a selection of different berries including blackberries in flourishing green hedgerows
Photo of the week: Hedgerows in West Sussex

To me, this image is the beginning of autumn. My favourite time of year. I love the soft, warm light, the turning of leaves and the chance for berries, seeds and evergreens to take the spotlight.

Photo of the week: Seed Heads in golden Autumnal light

Autumn skies 😍 where crisp air meets orange ochre and flocculent white clouds… An amazing time of year to go for long walks that lift your spirits and ground your body.

I’d love it if you’d share you own autumnal images with me!

Photo of the week: Autumn Skies

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