Bespoke Poetry

A unique gift for that special someone written with only them in mind.

What sets Mantimoon Bespoke Poetry Service apart is the one of a kind quality of each poem. Careful thought is given to layout, line length and use of rhyme. This ensures the rhythm and poetic voice in every poem is natural rather than formulaic or forced. Not only this, but after purchasing your bespoke poem, you will receive a personal phone call from poet Lottie Angell. During this time she will discuss your loved one and occasion with you in a relaxed and organic way, free from impersonal questionnaires.

Mantimoon Bespoke Poetry is available as a 25, 35 or 45 line poem and written in free verse. Vivid imagery and accessible language are used to describe feelings, memories or people. In particular, few, detailed images are drawn on to create an authentic, meaningful poem.

Lottie can write poetry for almost any occasion, including anniversaries, birthdays or weddings. Mantimoon Bespoke Poetry can also write for any person, including your beloved sibling or parent, best friend, partner and many more!

At present, all Mantimoon Bespoke Poetry is delivered to you by email, maximising your choice when it comes to printing and framing. In addition, the speedy nature of email delivery ensures you receive your bespoke poem quickly once it is finished.

Lottie looks forward to learning all about the special person in your life and creating a bespoke poem that they will never forget.

If you have any queries prior to purchasing your bespoke poem, please click here for contact details.

To purchase your Bespoke Poem please visit:

Mantimoon – Etsy UK

To find out more about poet Lottie Angell click HERE.

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