The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge

This week’s #The Weekly Challenge, set by social enterprise, 64 Million Artists gave me a chance to celebrate a woman I’ve admired for a very long time: renown Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

The challenge inspired me to write about her from her autobiographical painting The Two Fridas in celebration of her resilience, openness and inner strength.

You can find the challenge, her painting, and my poem below!


Celebrate a woman that you admire through the medium of collage! It could be someone you know or someone you don’t know, a family member, a public figure or a fictional character. Use any materials you have around you! Your collage could be a portrait of them or an image that represents their impact on you. Experiment with layering – paper, fabric, drawing, painting, their words, your words, and thoughts or snippets of conversation that tell their story.
The Weekly Challenge: The Two Fridas ekphrastic poem celebrating Frida Kahlo and her painting the two fridas
The Weekly Challenge: The Two Fridas, a painting by Frida Kahlo

More about Frida . . .

Watch this space for a link to my article ‘The Healing Talisman’ written for Hamblin Vision Magazine’s Spring 2021 issue with accompanying poem ‘Self Portrait’. I talk in further detail about Frida Kahlo and the power of writing to transform pain. 

Until then, for a whole host of extra info about Frida including photos, quotes and paintings, you can visit HERE.

Last week’s . . .The Weekly Challenge!

Last Week’s #The Weekly Challenge encouraged me to research female author’s of colour, and, using words from discovered book titles, I created two poems delving into themes such as birth, loss and the power of language. 

You can find the challenge and my poems below!



Find a book by an author of colour that you would like to read. You could select seven books, discover a new one each day of the week! Play with words – could you use a word from each title of a book you have chosen to create a poem? You now have a poem and a new reading list!
The weekly challenge: women of colour books list

The Weekly Challenge: The words woudn't come poem by lottie angell

All about the authors…

I loved the idea of using words found in the titles to create poetry and I’m so excited to add each book/collection listed above to my ever growing pile of books to read! Hope you find yourself picking up one from this awesome list too. Once I’ve read each one I’ll do a little review, so here’s another ‘watch this space’ for blog posts about these wonderful short story/poetry collections and books. 

If you’re interested in learning more about each author, here are some links to great sites and/or the author’s websites: 

Kathleen Collins

Lesley Nneka Arimah

Jhumpa Lahiri

Helen Oyeyemi

Warsan Shire

Nayyirah Waheed

Alysia Nicole Harris

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Ta ta for now! 

L x

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