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Mantimoon’s Haiku of the Week offers time for self reflection, taking inspiration from everyday life to capture a thought, a fleeting moment or the flicker of a memory. 

Inspired, rather simply, by my little boy kicking. It’s got to be the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced. 💜

Haiku of the week: you flutter and swoop/in my womb like a lark/cradled by cerulean sky

Phil and I sat in our garden the other night and toasted marshmallows over a chiminea fire… I wrote this in the quiet between mallows.

Haiku of the week: orange gold embers/drop on raked stones, glimmer/and fade into night

This next one was inspired by my latest photo of the week! Rather nice that the two went hand in hand 🙂 I love using photography as inspiration for poetry – do any of you do the same? Let me know in the comments below!

Haiku of the week: I begin to uproot/shed threadlike hairs - /extend my bare legs

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