100 Day Writing Challenge: How did it go?

Hello all!

I just thought I’d write a little update about my ‘100 Day Writing Challenge’ and how I felt about the process.

Honestly, one hundred days of writing a haiku inspired poem was not something I found easy to keep up with. Life does get in the way. I found that when I was particularly busy with my MA I would miss the odd day or two and make it up (which no doubt you noticed!). To start with I chastised myself for this and was like ‘You can’t do that! You made a promise, a commitment’. Yes, I did, that’s definitely true. However, I realised that an important part of writing every day is learning to forgive yourself when you don’t manage to. My way of keeping to the challenge was to make it up on another day when I had a bit more mental space and time. Ultimately, I realised, there wasn’t anything wrong with that.

Making the commitment to write every day (well, nearly every day!) encouraged me to keep going, to keep working on my craft. It meant writing when I might not have felt like it, when I was tired or angry or sad. It meant writing when I was having a low moment and thought my writing was rubbish. Sitting down amidst difficult emotions and searching my mind or looking around me for something I felt grateful for was tricky at times, but it often helped shift my mood. There were a number of occasions of course when I didn’t have to try so hard and I found I was brimming with gratitude. Either way, I learnt a lot about myself and writing in different moods really takes your writing in different directions, adjusting style, tone and content.

I appreciate nature, my husband, my family, my cats and all sorts of weird and wonderful little things like fluffy pens, tea and thick socks. I’d like to continue appreciating the world on a regular basis so have decided to make my haiku inspired posts a weekly blog.

You can expect the next one, next week – hope you keep enjoying these as a regular feature!

Ta folks 🙂

L x

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