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Do you need help running your business?

Are you getting bogged down in admin tasks? Do you want to market your business but struggle to find the time? Do you not know where to start with SEO to improve your google rankings? 

Mantimoon is here to help! 

Read on for services that will help you organise, streamline and grow your business TODAY

What services does Mantimoon offer?

Virtual Administration

Including: –

  • Contact with clients via email, letter and/or telephone.
  • Online diary management.
  • Arranging appointments, booking meeting rooms and conference facilities.
  • Organising travel arrangements.
  • Data entry into computerised database.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please email with your requirements if you don’t see what you’re looking for. 


If your business documents have spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or layout inconsistencies, rightly or wrongly, your clients won’t feel they can put trust in you or the product you’re selling. 

Mantimoon can take the pressure out of proofreading your documents to give your company the professional look and feel you desire. Using either comments in Word or Google Docs, Mantimoon can track and send suggestions for you to review before changes are made. Alternatively, your document can be edited in full to minimise pressure and save you precious time. 


Including: –

  • Implementation and maintenance of a regular social media schedule on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Creation of social media posts using Typorama and Canva.
  • Design of leaflets, posters, brochures, business cards, gift certificates, etc. for print and use online.
  • Creation/sending of press releases to relevant media outlets.
  • Creation of online advertisements using Google and Facebook ads.
  • Creation of printed advertisements for magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Creation and sending of monthly newsletters and email updates to a client’s mailing list using Mailchimp.
  • Editing and uploading of videos for social media (IG and You Tube) using Videorama.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please email with your requirements if you don’t see what you’re looking for. 


Including: –

  • Creation of keyword pyramid.
  • Setting focus keyphrases for each webpage and related key phrases.
  • Editing of all copy to include focus and related key phrases.
  • Setting a meta description for each webpage.
  • Setting a slug for each webpage.
  • Editing copy to include internal, internal contextual, and outbound links.
  • Editing sentences to ensure each is 20 words or less.
  • Editing copy to include subheadings throughout pages.
  • Editing copy to eliminate consecutive sentences that begin with the same word.
  • Editing paragraphs to ensure each is below 150 words.
  • Editing copy to ensure enough transition words have been used.
  • Editing blog posts for readability and SEO.

If applicable to your business needs, Mantimoon can create SEO compliant blog posts on a range of topics including mental health, wellbeing and creative writing.


  • £18 – £45 per hour (with a minimum charge of 1 hour*).

Admin Services: £18 per hour
Proofreading Services: £20 per hour
Marketing Services: £35 per hour
SEO Services: £45 per hour

Enquire HERE for a quote and full Terms & Conditions. Please include your specific requirements in your email.

Upon receipt of your enquiry, Mantimoon will send you all relevant information as well as a password to view Lottie Angell’s CV and example portfolio.

* Please note, hours worked are logged and charged in 15 minute increments.

About Lottie

Lottie specialises in writing poetry and short stories after graduating with a 1st Class Masters in Creative Writing from The University of Brighton. In addition, she has a wealth of experience blogging, writing for magazines and supporting companies with marketing and SEO needs. Furthermore, she has twelve years experience of working in an administrative capacity.

To view Lottie’s CV and portfolio, including example blog articles, magazine articles, press releases and advertisements, click HERE.*

* Enter the password sent to you in response to your email enquiry when prompted. Please note that this password will be active for five working days and will then be changed. 

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