The Hamblin Centre: Seventh Blog Post! December 2018


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I’m very excited to let you know that my seventh blog post for The Hamblin Centre has gone live! If you haven’t read my ‘about’ page, this is where I carried out a creative writing residency project in 2017/2018 and continue my role as Creative Writer in Residence. The centre is a spiritual and educational charity dedicated to promoting peace and improving the health and wellbeing of its members and the surrounding community. I’d highly recommend visiting their beautiful gardens and attending one of their many inspirational classes and/or talks.

My seventh article is entitled 8 Myths Every Writer Needs to Dispel where I offer some advice on the should dos/can’t dos you often hear as a writer that can either be dispelled or you can apply some wiggle room to. I also share a poem called ‘Letting Go’ which explores creative process and letting go of expectation.

You can find the post at:


I will post here to let you know when the next one goes live next month.

Happy reading folks!

L x

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