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Photo Of The Week (The Last Month!)

Looking for an inspiring photo of the week? Look no further! Visit Mantimoon and have a look at Lottie Angell’s latest nature photography, sometimes combined with poetry to aid quiet reflection. 

Perhaps each photo of the week can be used as a writing prompt? Alternatively, maybe you simply wish to reconnect with the natural world. Whatever your reason, enjoy a range of photos inspired by Lottie’s walks around Sussex/beyond and time spent in her garden. 

I went for a walk not that long ago over Devil’s Dyke. I sat for a while looking out across Sussex, eating an ice cream (naturally!), and the words ‘She bathes in blue’ sprang to mind. 

Photo of the week. Words: She bathes in blue set against a blue sky with scattered white clouds and views across Sussex.

My parents in law have some wonderful hanging baskets outside the front of their house. Phil and I were just getting in the car to go home after our visit and I was admiring them. It was then I saw this beautiful big moth basking in the sunshine on the side of the basket. He was perfectly still and I felt inspired to capture this lovely moment before he flew away. 

Photo of the week. Hanging basket with purple and white flowers set against a brick wall with a moth perched on the side of the basket.

I took this a little while ago when I went to Heale House. This archway is part of eight acres of beautiful gardens which lie beside the river Avon at Middle Woodford. Well worth a visit! 

Photo of the week: gardens with overhead open tunnel above. Words: I could hide in the shadows or I could seek somewhere in between written on the photo.

Distant chimney tops set against a brooding sky – what a view!

Photo of the week. Black and White image of chimney tops overlooking Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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