Haiku of the Week

Haiku of the Week (The Last Month!)

Mantimoon’s Haiku of the Week offers time for self reflection, taking inspiration from everyday life to capture a thought, a fleeting moment or the flicker of a memory. 

This particular Haiku was inspired by a snippet of a programme I caught on TV where a river was being dredged. I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of things that came out. When I looked it up, some of the more unusual items found in the Thames range from: weapons to clay pipes to teeth!

Haiku of the week: my head is like a river/ dredged of old bicycles, ridden/ by no one in particular

It was a particularly dark and cloudy day as I looked out the window. Sometimes its the simple things you witness that resonate most with you. 

haiku of the week: clouds hang in the sky/ like slack drums, beaten/ for the last time

Sometimes it takes years and years for you to be able to write about something, and often, for me at least, it pops up out of nowhere and the words are right there, spilling from pen to paper. It’s as though it’s their time and they just weren’t ready before. 

I found myself looking up the fascinating reasons behind why cats have whiskers and it led to this…

Haiku of the week: I am a cat/without whiskers, groping/ for a gap in the dark

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