Photo of the Week

Photo of the week

Looking for an inspiring photo of the week? Look no further! Visit Mantimoon and have a look at Lottie Angell’s latest nature photography often combined with poetry to aid quiet reflection. 

Perhaps each photo of the week can be used as a writing prompt? Alternatively, maybe you simply wish to reconnect with the natural world. Whatever your reason, enjoy a range of photos inspired by Lottie’s walks around Sussex and time spent in her garden. 

This weeks photo of the week is of a beautiful lily-like flower (any ideas what it is?) found growing in the back garden of my parents in law. Its open petals expose the centre and reminds me about the importance of having an open heart.

It’s hard to trust sometimes, particularly if life has thrown you one too many curve balls. However, even after that, if you can strive to trust and open your heart to others, I truly believe that you experience greater levels of happiness. 

Open, pink, lily like flower against at backdrop of long grass.

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