Photo of the Week

Photo of the week (Last two weeks!)

Looking for an inspiring photo of the week? Look no further! Visit Mantimoon and have a look at Lottie Angell’s latest nature photography, sometimes combined with poetry to aid quiet reflection. 

Perhaps each photo of the week can be used as a writing prompt? Alternatively, maybe you simply wish to reconnect with the natural world. Whatever your reason, enjoy a range of photos inspired by Lottie’s walks around Sussex and time spent in her garden. 

Last weeks photo of the week is of a beautiful family of goslings. I’m lucky enough to see them growing up right outside my back door. Their parents are so protective and they grow so fast! I love the way they put their tiny wings back and run at top speed when they’re trying to catch up with their brothers and sisters if they’ve dawdled. 

Goslings and their parents out for a walk by a pond

This weeks photo of the week is of my friesian cow cat Luna. My big fatty baby. The way she looks at me with complete trust never fails to blow me away. She tends to reserve her special, slow blinking, soft looks for me. I do so love her for it. 

Black and white cat looking at the camera with her head tilted to one side

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