Haiku of the Week

Haiku of the week (Last two weeks!)

Mantimoon Haiku of the Week captures the joy of the present moment and offers time for gentle reflection, re-connection with self and a little mental boost when you need it most.

Last week’s haiku of the week was inspired by the tiny, black balls of fluff that began to appear on the pond outside my back door. Namely, little baby moor hens, or chicks of the marshes. I spent a happy half an hour watching them, having fallen in love with them all instantly. This haiku is for them as a thank you for the joy they bring me when I see them. 

haiku: chick of the marshes / hides amongst reed, bobs / beneath silt skinned water

There have been times when I’ve thought – who am I? what is my purpose? This weeks haiku is a reflection of those times and part of my process of trying to find those answers. Perhaps on first appearances not the happiest little haiku, but it helps me to explore moments of transition in my life through writing.

haiku: I am split / like earth rent by tectonic shift - / purged of my second tongue

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